• PPHA 44330 / ECON 36730: Energy and Environmental Economics II This PhD-level course emphasizes the economics of natural resource production and problems associated with externalities and common property, with a focus on the energy sector. Most lectures are theoretical in nature, but we spend considerable time studying applications that have an empirical component. The course has several complementary objectives: (1) provide a solid foundation in concepts like Hotelling's Rule and Pigouvian taxation that are a prerequisite for understanding modern environmental and resource economics; (2) develop proficiency with theoretical, computational, and empirical tools that will be valuable for future self-directed research; and (3) gain experience in reading, presenting, and discussing modern research in energy and environmental economics. Last taught: Winter 2019. Next taught: Winter 2020.

  • PPHA 36941 / PBPL 28425: Strategic Behavior and Regulation of Firms Firm behavior is a critical aspect of any market-oriented economy. What strategies can firms employ to improve their bottom-lines, how do these strategies affect consumers, and when should regulators intervene? This course (with masters and undergraduate sections) addresses these questions using recent regulatory case studies, economic modeling, and a hands-on business strategy game. Last taught: Fall 2018